How to Go About Hiring a Skip


Many times homeowners, business owners and builders find themselves in need of hiring a skip. Homeowners may be performing home improvement projects, businesses may be engaging in a mass cleanup, and builders are typically involved in massive construction projects. Whatever the case or scenario may be hiring the right skip is imperative to your individual project.

The typical client of any skip hire company is usually someone who knows exactly what they need or want and are normally quite familiar with the overall skip hire process. But for those customers who are not remotely familiar with skip hires nor do they have any understanding of the overall hiring process or even the appropriate sizing of the skips they need, these simple guidelines should offer you the insight you need.right size skip

Simple Rules to Follow when Hiring a Skip

To begin with, it is important to determine just what size skip you need for your project. Try to make a comfortable estimate on the amount of rubbish you will find yourselves needing to get rid of upon completion of your project.

As a rule of thumb, it is always better to hire a skip that is a little bit bigger than what you may think you need rather than ordering one that is too small to accommodate your trash and waste needs.

If you choose to hire a skip that is too small, you will end up paying a good deal more money when you have to call in another skip and find yourself a whole lot more stressed out and frustrated. In addition, you should know that if you overfill a skip then you may find that they will not remove the skip from your home or place of business.

It is much better to be a bit more cautious and safe and order the larger skip and save yourself any aggravation or unsuspecting issues.

skip-hireWhen determining the appropriate size skip you need, these typical skip sizes should be of use in your decision-making process. Mini skips measure 2 cubic yards and are ideal for small home projects. Midi skips measure 4 cubic yards and are perfect for a bathroom or even kitchen remodel. Maxi skips measure 8 cubic yards and are typically used for larger residential projects or even office cleanouts. Enclosed skips measuring 12-14 yards are designed to keep all your rubbish and waste confined and are primarily used for large house remodellings or even emptying a house when you are prepping to make a move.

The 20-yard roll on or off skid holds near to 50 tons of general waste, while the 40-yard roll on or off is suitable for much larger waste products such as wood, plastic, metal, and overly bulky items. Take time in advance to determine what your cleanup project is, how much debris and waste you will generate, then using the guidelines above choose the perfect sized skip for your waste management.

What Permits, if any, are needed and how long can I Hire a Skip for?

If your project requires you to locate your skip on a public road or a public pavement, you will definitely have to obtain a skip permit or skip license. If you choose not to get the license there is a good probability that your skip will be removed from the road or pavement and you will be charged a fine. Make certain, in advance of having your skip delivered and situated, that you head out and get your skip permit.

These simple guidelines are beneficial when hiring a skip. If there are any questions you may have, it is always recommended that you ask questions and get satisfactory answers in advance of hiring any skip. Knowledge and understanding are useful tools in life and certainly come in handy when you set out to hire a skip.