How To Combat Blocked Drains In Liverpool



If you suffer the inconvenience of a blocked drain in Liverpool, the good news is that there’s plenty of companies who can help you out.

Offering a fast response and an efficient service, they’ll have your drains flowing freely again in no time at all.

However, do you actually know how to properly take care of your drains? In many cases a blocked drain is caused by incorrect use. Here’s a quick guide to the dos and don’ts and how to combat a blocked drain without having to call out the professionals.

What Your Drains Are For

Before examining the bad guys which can clog up a drain, here’s a quick look at the things that can safely be tipped down a drain.

Water and toilet roll along with the majority of household cleaners are the main things that can be flushed down the toilet or rinsed down a plughole. Yep, that’s it!

The drainage system is’nt designed to cope with anything else and over time, blockages can build up if you try to use it to get rid of other more solid items.

Dont be tempted to just give it a try and see because you could ultimately end up with a major blockage on your hands!


The Toilet

Toilet roll is fine because it degrades, but even then it can still cause clogging and blockages if you use too much. No-one is suggesting you go short but try not to use too much, particularly the thicker, high quality type!

Kitchen roll might seem like a good substitute but in many cases its designed to be resistant to water and not to break down so easily (making it easier to clean up spillages). This means that when it comes to the toilet it doesnt break down so rapidly.

Other items which should never be flushed away include wet wipes, condoms, razor blades, plasters, bandages, nappies, cotton buds, tampons and sanitary towels, toilet roll inner tubes and dental floss.

Clearing out the blockage caused by any of the above really isnt much fun so dont be tempted to ignore the advice!

unplugging a sink

The Sink

The advice for the sink is pretty easy; scrape anything solid into the bin and dont flush away fats or oils down the plug. Even if it seems to quickly rinse away as the pipes narrow you could find it all congealing and blocking the way.

If youve been decorating and have paint and white spirit left over, these should never be emptied down the drains. Not only can it be harmful to the environment but you could cause serious damage to the inside of your pipes too.